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Collectief Publiek Geluid

Musica supports talented musicians and sound artists with a taste for experimentation. This new collective brings together young and young professional artists aimed at creating music in public spaces.What does it mean to create works for public space as opposed to a traditional concert hall? What factors do you need to take into account if 

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© Lukas Verdijk

you make music on the street, what artistic opportunities does this offer in terms of presentation and audience, and what are the risks?

In every new context, there will be consideration of how the architecture and activities of a specific place determine its artistic possibilities. To guide this process of reflection and experimentation, Musica offers a context twice a year including a residency and coaching by a professional: this may be a sound artist, composer, urban planner or transdisciplinary performer.

A second aim of the collective is to build up a ‘repertoire’ or ‘canon’ of works suitable for performance in public spaces. Historical performances of work by Fluxus or John Cage are combined with the collective’s own compositions to create a ‘catalogue’ in the form of processions, city tunes or walks from which organisations and festivals can select works for their programmes.


Collectief Publiek Geluid are: Lukas De Clerck, Sebastian Dingens, Anne Van de Star, Joost Van Duppen, Eveline Vervliet

Collectief Publiek Geluid is a Musica project supported by C-Takt.

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