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Member photos © Tom Verbruggen and © Marc Ras

Collectief Publiek Geluid is a new collective of young makers who will focus on creating music in public spaces over the coming years.

They are a colourful mixture of musicians, composers, electronics wizards and artistic researchers:

Vincent Caers


Vincent Caers is a percussionist, electronic musician and artistic researcher. He obtained master’s degrees in percussion, chamber music and contemporary music performance before becoming a research assistant at the Luca School of Arts, KU Leuven. He is currently working on his PhD on Living Scores Live, in which he explores new strategies for contemporary percussion performance and their impact on the experience of the audience. He collaborates regularly with different ensembles and orchestras as a freelance musician. His main interest at present is in combining percussion and electronic music with visual arts in an interdisciplinary context.

Anne Van de Star




Anne Van de Star graduated with a master’s in mixed media. During her studies, she was mainly concerned with making sound performances, performance films and drawings. After her degree, she embarked upon different relationships with other disciplines as a sound artist. She mainly focuses on electronic improvisation. She performs solo as Anne Van de Star as well as playing in the band MONOMONO. Her skills include extreme sound modulation with electronics, deconstructing sounds, creating “new sounds”, rhythms, beat making etc., drones, field recordings and piezos. She is a frequency specialist.

Lukas De Clerck 




Lukas De Clerck graduated from the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS) with a master’s degree in radio in 2017. In his radio work, he enquires into the extent that audio work, specifically radio fiction, can act as a performance and potentially an event. The power of illusion and imagination are key. These two themes are intrinsically linked to what sound means to him.

Sebastian Dingens




Born in the militarized region of Leopoldsburg, Sebastian developed an ear for the peaceful and for the sound of dirt. He now lives and works in Brussels. After studying classical music, guitar and communication sciences, his interest shifted from traditional music to more experimental ways of using sounds. Intrigued by their emotional and narrative capabilities, he made music for dance, radio, theatre and installations, using objects rather than instruments for sound-sculpting and composing. Today, his practice is based on the (sonic) environment: as well as exploring space as a field recorder does, he treats it as a frame and a stage. He uses listening as his means, recording as his practice, manipulation as his method and performing as his medium.

Thomas van Walle



Thomas van Walle is a contemporary artist, musician and architect whose work spans the fields of multimedia projects, compositions and performance art. In his work he uses architecture and graphic principles as a method for making new musical and/or mixed media pieces. He graduated as an architect from Sint-Lucas Art & Science High School in Ghent. Afterwards he studied with contemporary composers Jasper Vanpaemel and Pieter Schuermans, mixed media artist Hallveig Agustsdottir and printmaker Campo Cornell. In Berlin he learned a lot from experimental guitar maker Yuri Landman. Along with Dries Verheyen and Toon Van den Brempt, he was a co-founder of the contemporary music ensemble Se_Ren_Dip Trio, MATRIX Centre for New Music’s artist in residence from 2014 to 2017. The ensemble specialised in transmedia performances. Nowadays he leads the art collective M I R R O U N D S in collaboration with Joost Van Duppen. The work of this collective focuses on multidisciplinary productions. Van Walle also recently created the sculpture Golden (F)Oil, in cooperation with contemporary artist Tanya Atanasova, for the contemporary art biennale Partcours Parkunst in Brussels. He has been based in Antwerp since 2015, at Atelier 4711 in the artistic platform De Veerman.

Joost Van Duppen



Joost Van Duppen is an audiovisual artist with a scientific background. Field recordings play a crucial role in his creations and are often his starting point in theatre and installation art. They provide an added dimension to music, in the relationship between the virtual and the real. He is the founder of the collective M I R R O U N D S. After finishing his biochemistry degree, he participated as a dancer in several dance productions that led to his musical activities. He studied sound design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where his first soundscapes and performances were born. Later on he was involved in instant composition workshops and was resident musician at rehearsals and dance classes with various choreographers. This sparked his interest in the relationship between sound and movement and was followed by collaborations with international dance companies. He is currently studying for a master’s in music design at HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht and the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland.

Eveline Vervliet



Eveline Vervliet is studying classical piano and composition at the Academy for Music and Performance Arts in Tilburg. She has also played the violin since the age of seven, and has experience as a violinist, pianist and percussionist in the Sint-Niklaas Academy Orchestra. As a composer, she focuses on solo and chamber music, experimenting with extended techniques and unconventional ways of playing acoustic instruments, whether or not supported by electronics.

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